Enterprise Resource Planning Exchange

Term of Service

Subscription Agreement : Version: 1.0


Alpha Herald Management is the service provider of the Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd. Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd is the publisher of "ERPNext" open source. The ERP-X is the extension of the localize “ERPNext” open source software which is available under the GNU/GPL licenses and others as specified in the source code. This agreement is not about the software (which is available under the General Public License) but for the hosting, consultation and support services that are provided commercially.

1. Scope
This agreement covers the terms under which you can use the free, trial or paid services offered by us. If you are agreeing to use the services on behalf of your company or organization, you agree that you represent the organization and have the authority to accept this agreement on behalf of your organization.

2. Definitions
Services: Hosting, consultation and support services offered by us
You, Your: The subscriber or user of our services
We, Us, Our: Alpha Herald Management or services offered by Alpha Herald Management
Confidential Information: Information that is given from one party to another that is reasonably understood to be confidential.

3. Services
The Services offered by us are hosting, consultation and support services. The software, whether it is developed by us or by third parties is available to you under Open Source Licenses (as specified in the software code) and is not covered in the Services offered by us.
The services will be available to you via the internet browser (specific browsers versions as applicable) and you will need an internet connection to access our services.

4. Service Levels
We host Your data at Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the service levels offered by them will be applicable to You. We will reasonably put all effort to ensure that the servers managed by us are up and running 24x7. We will NOT support or provide any Services for Your own hosted servers.

5. Confidentiality and Privacy
Your information/data is owned by You and is a part of your database/files and is treated as Confidential Information. We will ensure that Your Confidential Information is managed with the same level of security as Our Confidential Information. We will take all reasonable effort to ensure that any Confidential Information is managed in a secure manner by using rights management and password encryption. We may or may not publish our security measures to maintain their secrecy.

6. Purchasing
Our services can be purchased as specified on our website, via online money transfers or using third party services such as PayPal or in some cases, checks.
If you have not Purchased Our Services, then we have a right to terminate them. We will hold your data for a period of 30 days till which you can download your data. After 
that, your data could be lost.

7. Rate Inflation
We reserve the right to increase our price or change the pricing model as and when we see fit. In case if we have a price rise and you are unhappy, we will allow you to use the service for a period of three months under the old rate.
We also reserve the right to change the resource allocated, number of users, or any such parameter for any of our free or paid plans as we see fit.

8. Backups
Even though we keep multiple and redundant backups, We do not guarantee Your backup and You are also advised to download Your own copy of the backup from time to time from within your ERP-X account by going to Tools -> Download Backup (or as specified).

9. Warranty
We do not provide any warranty for our Services for fitness or purpose. You are fully responsible for the data
 you enter and the accuracy of the data. We are not responsible for any Loss of business or any other kind that may arise due to the use of our Services.

10. Liability
Our maximum liability is limited to the amount that you have paid us for our Services for the past one year.

11. Indemnity
Both You and We agree to indemnify each other against any claims by any third party. We agree to indemnify you in case of any claim by a third party that by using our services, you are infringing their intellectual property rights. In
 turn, you will indemnify us against any third party that claims that by offering you services or hosting your data, we are infringing their intellectual property rights.

12. Termination
The services are automatically terminated if the subscription expires. To continue the service, you
 must buy the subscription. We have a right to terminate the services if we believe that you are abusing our Services.

13. Refund
Upon termination, we will refund you any unused credits by check / PayPal or any such mechanism within 15 days.

14. Data
You can ask for your data for a period of 30 days after the termination. You will get a database dump of your data by raising a support ticket

15. Agreement Modification
This agreement is subject to change and we will update you via 
email in case we make any changes.

Company: Alpha Herald Management
Jurisdiction: Malaysia